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Wraparound is a planning process to help families with complex needs meet their full potential. The wraparound process is a collaborative effort to develop a needs and strength-driven plan built on family strengths and created through a supportive child and family team. Child and Family Teams can include family members, friends, neighbors, mentors, schools, social service agencies, or other service providers. Teams are created according to who the family wants to support them through the wraparound process.


Anyone can make a referral by filling out the online referral form or emailing




  • Youth is a Union County resident

  • Youth is between 0-21 years of age

  • Youth is involved or receiving service from 2 or more of the following systems:

    • Local mental health agency

    • Juvenile Court or Probation

    • The Board of Developmental Disabilities 

    • Department of Job and Family

    • Child Protective Services or Adoption/Foster Care 

    • 504 Plan or IEP through a local school system

    • Early Intervention/Help Me Grow

  • Current services are not addressing the youths need and/or immediate services or intervention are needed to maintain the youths safety and well-being​


High Fidelity Wraparound brings together all of those working with a youth and family to work together to assure that services are aligned, coordinated, and streamlined. The steps in the process include:

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high-fidelity wraparound

The High-Fidelity Wraparound process strives to keep youth in communities and with their families whenever possible. The team works to create new, highly individualized interventions and supports, that focus on the entire family unit.


Provide cross-system, team-based approaches for planning and coordinating care for families with youth who are involved with multiple systems or at risk for out-of-home placement.

Service Coordination and Wraparound are not meant to take the place of traditional care management offered by community agencies; but rather, are meant to bring together all those working to support the family to ensure that services are aligned, coordinated, streamlined.

A neutral Facilitator guides participants to ensure the processes are:

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