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about us

In 1992 the Family and Children First Council (FCFC) Initiative was developed in an effort to further intersystem collaboration to improve communication and service delivery for youth and their families. The Ohio Revised Code 121.37 mandates the Ohio Family and Children First Council be ran at the county level. The Council for Union County Families (CUCF) serves youth ages 0-21 in Union County. In January 2018, the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Union County became the Administrative and Fiscal agent of CUCF. CUCF continues to use an executive board and committee structure to advise the direction of the organization. 

family focused.


Council is continually building creative ways to coordinate services provided to youth by:

  • Identifying unique family strengths and needs

  • Developing unified goals

  • Team meeting facilitation

  • Family advocacy

  • Increasing partner communication

  • Connecting families and youth to their local community supports

referral workflow

  1. Referral Received ​

  2. CUCF director contacts referrer to confirm engagement and ask any clarifying questions 

  3. Director contacts referred family 

    1. Educate family on CUCF services and OhioRise option if Medicaid eligible

    2. If family agrees to CUCF engagement, director sends Intake Forms for electronic signatures 

    3. If family denies engagement, director follows up with referrer

  4. Director discusses appropriate product line – NA, IR, SC, WA

  5. Director assigns Facilitator – emails referral and intake forms to facilitator 

  6. Director updates CUCF Tracker 

  7. Director submits SmartCare Form; once returned, update CUCF Tracker 

  8. Director creates OASCIS account; assigns Facilitator in system 

  9. Facilitator completes CANS; informs director of final product line decision 

  10. Director updates CUCF Tracker if needed; full engagement process begins.

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