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Council for Union County Families

131 North Main Street

Marysville OH 43040

(937) 738-9800


  • The Council for Union County Families focuses on strengths-based, family-centered processes through:

  • Information & Referrals

  • Service Coordination

  • High-Fidelity Wraparound

  • Parent Peer Support

  • Community-Response Teams


Become a council that efficiently works together to serve the Union County community—keeping families safe, strong, and intact.  


The Council for Union County Families (CUCF) is dedicated to collaborative problem solving in order to assure that the local social services for families are planned, developed, and delivered based on a cooperative, coordinated, family-centered, culturally sensitive, and a community-based approach.

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our priorities include

  • Enhance the operation and delivery of the full continuum of care.

  • Increase family stability and connection to community resources

  • Increase use of data to inform our work and share our story


Children/youth who are residents of Union County, ages 0 through 21, with complex needs who have been involved in two or more of the following systems within the last 90 days, whose needs are not being adequately met, and who have reached a level of urgency requiring additional service coordination.  

The youth must be involved in two (2) or more of the following systems:  

  • Enrolled in a Union County school system with a 504 Plan or IEP

  • Local mental health agency

  • Juvenile Court or Probation

  • The Board of Developmental Disabilities 

  • Department of Job and Family

  • Child Protective Services or Adoption/Foster Care 

  • Early Intervention/Help Me Grow

Service Coordination or High-Fidelity Wraparound programs may also be considered for single-system youth who are at imminent risk of out-of-home placement in a more restrictive setting as determined by an initial and ongoing assessment.

CUCF does not offer transportation or financial assistance outside of the scope of Service Coordination and Wraparound. CUCF cannot offer utility or rental assistance, however, CUCF can offer a list of community resources that can assist with these needs.  


Exploring and honoring the experiences of those participating in our programs allows for a deeper understanding of what is important to the youth and families being served. In sharing their stories, families should feel affirmed, their knowledge valued, and their resilience recognized.


Families should feel respected and appreciated from their first contact with Council for Union County Families.


When we focus on need, we can empower helpers to understand the “why” of a situation and adjust their response to the why. Our Coordinators work to understand what is beneath a situation. They use this understanding to build bridges with community and service providers along with the family to come up with new ways to respond to the underlying causes. This creates a responsive versus reactive system.



We would love to see you at our next board meeting! All board meetings are held at the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Union County at 131 N Main St., Marysville OH 43040 on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 2:30pm

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